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FJA CONSULTING provides management consulting services for sales and business development.

We use a four-step process of:

  1. Assessing your current situation and what you want to change,

  2. Determining what to change to,

  3. Developing solutions to help you cause the change, and

  4. Providing guidance in your change implementation.

This process is effective ranging from simple problem solving through complex change implementation.

Our Account Management system with the customer Strategic Account Profile developed by FJA CONSULTING is used to train and manage sales organizations throughout the world.

Fred Jones, president and founder of FJA CONSULTING has over 25 years of international experience as a corporate executive and sales and marketing manager. His experience includes CEO responsibilities, preparing for a successful IPO, establishing international subsidiaries, and managing mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. He has set up and managed worldwide sales and marketing organizations including direct sales, distributors, representatives, and customer support.


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