In Memoriam

Frederick William Jones

Links to web sites you might appreciate


Beth, Chris, Travis, and Julia's sites:

Bill, Rose, and Paul's site:

Volunteering in East Timor
Writings and pictures from Joe's on-going experience in East Timor

Theodore, Joe's old dog's site


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
The home site for the trade association Fred belonged to for most of his life.

Consumer Reports.
If you are thinking about buying it, someone's already tested it.

Norwell, Massachusetts.
This is where Fred spent much of his youth.


In the last couple of months of his life, Fred and his family learned a lot about various medical conditions related to heart attacks. We'd like to provide a few links to sites with especially useful information:

Aortic Dissection
American Heart Association

Written Memories
Family History
FJAC Consulting