In Memoriam

Frederick William Jones

Remembering Our Good Times Together

by Dianne Claypool, his sister-in-law

Remembering our good times together
Brings a smile to my face
Peace to my mind
And gratitude to my Heart

Thank you for the opportunity to share my special memories of Fred.

I remember the first time my sister Suzanne introduced me to him-they had been married for awhile and I had heard so much about him from Suzanne and my sister Jan. He was so handsome, gentle, sweet but most of all-soft spoken of which none of us were used to. I liked him immediately and grew to love him as an important part of our family.

He was our 'Piņa Colada' maker our special barbeque cook and of course known for his famous seafood chowder. I myself never liked oysters! The first time I pretended to like it, the second time, I made my ugly face with tongue out and the word ICK flowing from my mouth, asking, "What's this GREEN stuff?" Fred looked at me with that sparkle in his eyes and said "Your not supposed to look at it, just EAT it!"

Fred enjoyed my visits because he knew we could be naughty and eat our favorite snacks together, without getting the wrath from my sis! Those snacks were chocolate covered nuts and Costco's; oatmeal cookies.

I was always his excuse and he mine.

I loved his little jokes, his puzzles and riddles, he knew 'the blonde' could never figure out any of it. He would even SHOW me how to take a puzzle apart and put them back together, knowing full well, it didn't make any difference, I'd never get it!

I admired his gentle, kind ways, his intelligence and his ability to make us all laugh. His hugs "Hello" and his hugs "Goodbye", and with that always came the unsnapping of the bra! I might add; he was delighted he could still do it!

Fred was my sisters comfort and the love of her life! He was my friend, my teacher, my safe place. For the rest of my life, I will miss Fred!

We are so blessed to have had him in our lives!

Thank You Fred, for the memories.


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